The town of New Roads is roughly a 5 minute drive from Pointe Prospects Estates.  New Roads’ was founded around 1847, it resides in Pointe Coupee Parish. This small quaint town immediately became a resort community because of it's famous ox bow lake False River.  

False River lake  is  10.5-mile long lake is a "trophy lake", which means that fish of a certain size are required to be thrown back to grow larger. False River has often held the state record for the largest bass caught, and has the largest number of striped bass per acre in the state. Lake which covers approximately 3,212 acres.  A number of establishments provide boat launches, boat rentals, food, and entertainment. 

New Roads also is one of the states largest agricultural growers.  Here you will find crops such as sugar cane, soybeans, corn, and milo.  Down-town New Roads host several events such as Harvest Festival, where live music, food, and family fun carnival rides take place in the Month of October.  Many festival and actives are held here every year including Mardi Gras parades, 4th of July boat parade on False River, Market at the Mill, and several triathlon races.

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