Bigman Builders established by Derek Moreau and Craig Gosserand circa 2017.


Craig Gosserand, from New Roads, LA graduated from Louisiana State University in December of 2003 with a bachelor's degree in Construction Management.  He founded Gosserand Cosntruction, LLC in 2003, and started building residential homes.

Derek Moreau, from Simmesport, LA  graduated from Louisiana State University in May of 2005 with a bachelor's degree in Construction Management.  Derek founded Moreau Construction Company LLC in 2005.  He initially began his business by consulting a well known contractor, Benny Teer. A combination of Mr. Teer's support and Derek's previous knowledge allowed him to launch his business in a matter of two years.  Since then Derek has expanded his business to Residential Development, Land and Precision Grading, and Residential Construction on False River.

Together in 2017 Derek and Craig joined forces and started Bigman Builders, LLC, which is one of the top Construction Companies in New Roads, LA.  Together with both their combined years of knowledge and expertise this dynamic partnership is setting new heights in residential development.